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the coolest mother fucker around. he goes to PBHS reppin the class of 07 bitches. Hes a fuckin jedi and pirate. dont fuck with him.
Gravy went on a gk mission.
by charles d November 06, 2005
7 23
It was totally gravy, man!!
by *sid* February 03, 2003
7 26
Gravy, dawg!
by Katy! July 20, 2002
4 27
The epitomy of all that is gay. Gravy mean fuking the gayest mother fucker, a person who thinks they have friends but they dont. cus the luv the fuking panda and kowala cock
holy fuk brady kanan all you fucking do is stay in one place and suck mad dick, ur such afucking gravy
3 36
David Moderski
David Moderski is Gravy
by ponchus peyelout September 02, 2003
15 67