The small amount of extra weight on a girl that could still be considered "sexy." Baby fat can also be considered "Gravy" as well. Fat on a girl that is unatractive on all levels would then be considered "Paint" ....
Holy Shit , look at all the gravy on these girls.
by snoball October 14, 2006
dripping wet poonanny
"oh baby let me get in your gravy!"
by Mason Dyer January 18, 2008
The best of something. Good.
You see that shit? That is some gravy auto.
by Xerobull November 29, 2002
The ball sweat that develops when a man is active. Also known as duckbutter.
During my golf round yesterday I made enough gravy to fill a coffee can.
by Salty Dragon May 16, 2006
Awesome; cool; the shiznit; phat; absolutely fabulous; kinky; nasty (in a good way); superb; excellent
"We don't have to go take the Calculus exam; all classes are cancelled!"

by HT Biatch April 16, 2003
1. a sauce that is made from the stock or juices of meat;

2. never something that goes on pasta - that is by definition sauce.

3.something nice or pleasurable, usually used in the future sense

"Would you like some gravy on your pasta?"
"No thank you. I prefer sauce."


"My boss said I'll probably get a raise. That extra money would be gravy."
by Caley December 22, 2005
Gravy (adj) defined from the word meaning thick brown meaty substance... used as a term of contentment...
ie, "how was your day?" "it was gravy"
by Sadie January 02, 2005

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