1) (Noun) A sauce made from meat/vegetable juices.

2) (Adj) Another word for good/well/great

3) (Noun) Term for a man's spunk. (NOT to be used in past tense)
Dude pass the gravy!

Guy 1: Oh sorry man!
Guy 2: It's all gravy!

3) (Quoted from the broski code)
"No fornication in a Broski's bed, or you will be forced to wash the sheets yourself. This includes comforter, sheets, and everything else on the aforementioned bed that has been tainted by another's man gravy."
by Sir Hillington March 28, 2013
Gravy (adj) defined from the word meaning thick brown meaty substance... used as a term of contentment...
ie, "how was your day?" "it was gravy"
by Sadie January 02, 2005
make money or just money
"ey man i juss got back from a chop i got sum serious gravy"
by mike mbk June 08, 2007
mixed human solids with male human procreators that just soo happend to resemble the real thing
Some marines use this word every single day of their lives...haha, basically u know how gay men have intercourse, and since the "seamen" always go into the butthole, it mixes with the body obvious natural solid in that hole.....when it comes out.....white vicous and probably look like like sumthing many many many thousands of ppl enjoy on their "chunky mashed potatoes"
by PoPnFrEsHRITM September 16, 2004
Gravy means to have sex. When you have sex, you are making gravy.
"i made gravy last night!"
by Katie D. November 08, 2005
an adjective : easy
that test was gravy
by T January 01, 2004
yea its like things that are good.
whow this is gravy
Gravy dude!
i made up fucking gravy you cunts
fuck you
by jakamo October 06, 2004
the name for the unknown substance that may or may not be stripin your drawers after a particularly greasy fart.
DUDE! that was ripe . Think you should check for gravy?
by doug p. August 20, 2004
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