1) (Noun) A sauce made from meat/vegetable juices.

2) (Adj) Another word for good/well/great

3) (Noun) Term for a man's spunk. (NOT to be used in past tense)
Dude pass the gravy!

Guy 1: Oh sorry man!
Guy 2: It's all gravy!

3) (Quoted from the broski code)
"No fornication in a Broski's bed, or you will be forced to wash the sheets yourself. This includes comforter, sheets, and everything else on the aforementioned bed that has been tainted by another's man gravy."
by Sir Hillington March 28, 2013
It is the mixture of anal sweat and shit residue.
Feels like oil between your butt cheeks.
"Man it's hot out, my gravy's flowing heavy today!"
by professor anal juice February 24, 2008
a substance, action or object that is linked indisputably to a particular person
This kinda shit ain't my gravy.

Don't touch a another man's gravy
by Alex August 21, 2003
an adjective to describe the intensity of sexual intercourse
I'd fuck the gravy outta that fine lookin chica over there
by Ed the Viking April 27, 2010
1. A Liquid fat usually a mixture of: fowl juice and/or meat juice, flour, cornstarch, booze, salt and seasoning, butter and booze. The Combination of above mixture is used to pour all over in viscous quantity any meat that suits your fancy.

2. A State of mind: that your brain has been producing in a fat booze mixture of heavenly abundance. In a word it is STYLE. Style so fat and booze induced that the gravy boat (your brain) is unable to contain the sweet delicious substance any longer to its own self and must spill that Style all gravy style all over every thing that lacks style and grace.

To pour forth style upon a gravy-less sad ass person, thing or place.
1. Hey Uncle Jesse, pass the Gravy, this turkey is a bit dry - it needs some good loving bird juice to kick the flavor into hyperdrive.

2. Sir, your shirt is a plain white Oxford button down. It is surely not worthy of my attention. Stop sniffing my hair sir, before I am forced to cock lock you for all time. By God! Put on this Gravy Shirt and maybe, maybe - I shall deem you worthy of kneeling before me. Take the Gravy sir - you lack STYLE!

V. 1. Wow, Gravy girl! Get out here and Gravy that HOT! Robot Nerd MIT boy some style - that poor sucka wouldn't know a butter knife from a Bowie knife girl - and I do mean his cock needs to be worked - GRAVY!
by L's and eights July 08, 2009
Gravy is a term used in the game Halo 3. It is when you get a kill from the grave.
Jason: d00d I toaly pwn'd ur face in-

*Ademo killed you from the grave*

by Tizz Mizzle January 17, 2008
an adjective (descriptive) term for something that is good;
word meaning good, as to "adding GRAVY to rice or biscuits."
Question: How does your new car ride?
Answer : It's all gravy!!!
by LaRonde Bennett November 15, 2006
meaning of positive attitude
gravy can be known as good, crazy. whatever ya want fucks hahah ehhe
damn his dick tasted extremely gravy yo.
whichh^ translates to
his dick tasted extremely good/crazy yo.
by corutney October 20, 2005

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