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1. Pants with a gravy stain on them.
2. One who wears said pants.
I had a messy lunch, so if we get lost in the caves we can find sustenance by sucking on the nutrients in my gravy pants until help arrives.
by Paineroo January 19, 2008
possibly the worst thing that could happen to you in public, a combination between shart (shit and fart) and diarhea = gravypants (the gravy your mother cooks for you in mentioned pants
Jimbo- Fuck, Jeeves, I think I sharted but its really juicy.
Jeeves- Well Jimbo, that means you have gravypants.
by shringadingading June 17, 2006
When you shit your pants.
After I ate 9 burritos, I made gravy pants.
by Jason Spencer January 05, 2005
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