adj. Something that is awesome or cool; beast.

Synonyms; beast, awesome, tank, cool, rad,
1: LeBron James is so gravel!
2: That guy just beat up 13 people single-handily, hes sooo gravel!
3: Dude, that new Lamborghini is super gravel.
4: I did gravel today in my game; I scored 32 points.
by BobBlout June 30, 2009
Your hood, your spot, neighborhood
"Nah man, we aint going to the city. We're just hanging out in the gravel, loungin' and listening to music."
by Larry J. October 24, 2006
Totally awesome in it's most extreme awesomeness.....HELL YA!
Jack: Do you guys see that hot girl over there? AWESOME!
Bobby: TIGHT!
Pat: GRAVEL!......what?
by Scott Hubbard December 10, 2003
(verb) to beg, borrow or steal something.
He graveled my smokes.
by shockie May 14, 2009
small pieces of turds when they fall apart
I thought it was going to be a huge turd, but all I did was fart and shoot some gravel!
by choad666 January 20, 2006
cocaine, you make a line of cocaine, like gravel, same consistency
Woah! That gravel we snorted was outta control
by Lily April 24, 2004

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