Refering to A Homosexual Experience were the act is taken place outside the club in the Parking Lot. Or Doing Such and act on the Hood Of the Car in the parking lot of the Club.
"He wants To Meet in the Lot For Some Gravel Time" "He pretended to go to the Bathroom, instead he snuck out and Got Some Gravel Time with His Brother In Law"
by Tronatello December 19, 2011
Top Definition
One rock is a rock. Two rocks = gravel.
I lost control of my car because my rear tires went into some gravel.
by nachofast August 17, 2009
A new drug surfacing in the New York City area that is a combination of meth, bath salts, and cocaine.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford booked a flight to NYC when he heard about this new drug "gravel."
by _Ed March 04, 2014
A term used to describe something that everybody loves. It probably came about because nobody can dislike gravel.
Haha I love that too!
Well everyone does - it's total gravel!

Hmm... We have to pick an awesome team name - I know - team gravel! I mean who doesn't like gravel right?
by Lilyofthevalley August 05, 2012
(Google + Travel) Like window shopping is to retail, "gravel" is to globe trotting but through google maps or google earth.
in a sentence: I'm about to gravel to italy and check out some pics.
by nuspeed1 January 21, 2010
The lowest point you can wear your trousers without them either falling down or exposing your genitals.
I was wearing my trousers at gravel earlier but then they slipped down and everyone got a glimpse of my member.
by nick May 23, 2004
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