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The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.
He expressed his gratitude to everyone on the staff.
by anooonymoouuss February 07, 2009
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The plural of gratitude. As if...I have plenty more to be grateful for.
Not in other dictionary, but should be.
As in: Am in AA or NA and I have gratitute(s)

They are likely, or most always plural: when researching in Web/Sch there is no plural.
For all friends who are seeking a new life, some times they are asked to give gratitude(s), but alas you are given spell check.
Why can't it be plural, and why can't friends seek?
OR, just have more than one thing that they are grateful for in life.
As in: Am in AA or NA and I have gratitute(s)

They are likely, or most always plural.

Yet, used every day. Only this dictionary will accept.
At least for now.

Please accept the gratitudeS. That would be gratitudes.
Thank you for your consideration for this word that is used SO much.
by mselliott/thebrowniesrnotalie September 07, 2013
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Used by non-whites to denote feelings of thanks and appreciation. Always as a single word so that it remains grammatically incorrect.
"Take a toke on this."

"I'll slap that nigga down for you."
"Gratitude son."
by icedout May 20, 2005
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