a motif of folk tales, popularized in europe but pre-dating possibly to vedic texts and others,where-in a wealthy person pays for the proper burial of some unfortunate deceased. the spirit of the deceased then repays the wealthy person somehow. a rock band also named themselves after this
by eric October 22, 2003
The start of all hippie grateness that led to all the other gratenesses of hippies-
Thank you Jerry
Hippie1: Man I'm such a stoner
Hippie2: Yah, me too, lets go listen to The start of all hippie grateness that will lead to all the other gratenesses of hippies
Hippie1: awe, I'm so stoned...
Hippie3: I have BO and I'm buzzin like a bee.
by Jimmy Garcia April 07, 2004
1. The one and only band you need to be aware of.

2. An alcoholic drink. Typically made like this: fill a pint glass with ice. Add 1/2 oz of the following: vodka, gin, light rum and tequila. Fill almost to the top with either sour or sweet & sour mix. Shake or stir vigorously if no shaker is available. Add straw and drink. Bartenders will typically leave more space than usual when adding sour or sweet & sour mix and will top with equal parts of Chambord/razzmatazz and Blue Curacao to create a color effect for presentation. No matter which way you make it this drink NEVER gets any kind of garnish unless specifically requested by a customer.
1. Can I get some Grateful Dead?

2. Can I get a Grateful Dead?
#grateful dead #jerry garcia #marching bears #bartender #vodka #gin #light rum #tequila #151 #chambord #razzmatazz #blue curacao
by Sid Barrett January 07, 2010
When a man dies in the a 69 position, on top of his partner, and defecates on said partner's face.
I'm sad Bob's gone, but at least his final act was to give me a Grateful Dead.
#shitplay #necroscatophilia #jam band #love-making #greatful ded
by Steven Kingsly July 01, 2012
The dance you do when you're stoned.

Goes a little something like this:

You wave your arms about whilst skipping in a small circle. Making odd noises is optional.
Shaniqua: Hey baby wanna dirty dance with me?
Me: Nah, watch me freestyle doing the grateful dead!
#cool #one #two #three #four
by Jack Townshend June 21, 2006
The band that put 250,000 people to sleep at Woodstock in 1969.
John Fogerty in a Rolling Stone interview: "Creedence had to follow the Grateful Dead. I was like, 'Great, we get to follow the band that just put 250,000 people to sleep. I remember seeing one guy a quarter mile away from the stage with a lighter yelling, 'We're with you, John' so I played our set for that guy."
#dead #the dead #jerry garcia #hippie #jam band
by Oh Welles September 08, 2006
Proof that if you give enough people LSD they'll totally love bad country music.
The Grateful Dead were the spiritual godfathers of the jam band scene.
#jerry garcia #jerbear #pigpen #bob weir #phil lesh #hippies #neohippies #country-rock #acid #psychedelic #sf #san francisco #california #deadhead #deadheads #norcal #golden gate park #haight ashbury #1960s
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006
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