Following the same principles as a snowman a grassman is moulded out of freshly mown grass clippings
Tye and myself made a grassman today on his nature strip
by A-Lex (Just One) June 23, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who is tricked into smoking lawn clippings instead of Mary Jane(marijuana) yet believes they are high af
Person 1: "Hey Eddy, how high are you?!"

Person 2: "About 8/10"

Person 1: "You do realise you just smoked grass?"

All others present: "GRASSMAN!"
by PREDDDDDDSTERT April 13, 2015
A Sniper with grassy camouflage.
Dude, I just got pwned by that grass-man!
by Lord Takatcchipenn March 30, 2008
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