A person who plays soccer. Usually refers to a girl.
Michelle is a grassfairy, she's always playing soccer.

Grassfairies are hot!!
by Michelle Dippo June 13, 2007
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a person thats non athletic, yet claims to be, smokes alot of pot, and smells of patchouli and body oder, often having having long hair, unkempt beards, and a large pubic bush that likely harbor small insects and rodents, they often pretend to have musical knowledge, like the common hippee, and attempting at vegitarianism, while secretly powering through mcdonalds on a regular basis. You can often spot the common grassfairy not just by there hippee like apearence, but also the from miles away due to the foul mixture of body odor and patchouli that is excreted from there pores.
this neighborhood is thick with grassfairies.

wow i can smell that grassfairy from here.

i think a squirrel came out of that grassfairies bush.
by envirohatered March 08, 2012
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did you see chris on the field He played Like A Grass Fairys
by swatty16 January 12, 2011
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