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1) Someone who gets totally dominated while playing an online game. Usually used to describe noobish or unskilled players.

2) Someone who basically button mashes. Generally they have no idea what the controls are and/or have no clue how the game is played.
1) Player 1: I just raped you, you Graspod!

Player 2: No u!

2) Player 1: Why are you doing the same attack over and over again?

Player 2: Idk

Player 1: What a Graspod...
by EDU4RD0 August 15, 2009
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The act of cumming inside someones ear, then turning their head to the side so it leaks into their brain.
Jim: Dude, I just Graspod'd your sister
Ben: ...
by ololol<3 May 14, 2009
3 3