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mankind's premier experiment in eugenics and statism, conveniently located about 30 minutes from Columbus, OH. Known for laws that bar you from repainting your house, wearing non-designer clothes, trying to start a business, trying to close a business, being poor, being black, or generally doing anything that wouldn't normally be done in the antebellum South. Not surprisingly, the town leans Democrat.
Worthington: "My dear chap, thanks for the coffee! Do you happen to live in this Village of Granville, OH?"

Joe: "I'm actually from Newark."

Worthington: "Slave trash." (spit on Joe)
by The Twelfth Monkey October 29, 2012
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A charming town just east of Columbus. Population 9,585. Founded in 1805. Home of Denison University. Sterotypes of Granville are: rich, snobby and smart. But people in Granville are caring, polite, range from low income families to high income families and are just really well rounded folks. Overall Granville is a FANTASTIC place to live.
Davis: Wow, this town is beautiful. I am in awe with the kind citizens and the charming shops. What a wondeful place to live!

Taylor: Well, i mean, OBVIOUSLY. You're in Granville, OH.
by Lila Campboyd March 19, 2011

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