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A small town situated in the quiet, countryside of England. Most of the area is made up of fields, hills and sheep however, many cute,little features of Grange include: The duck pond, the promenade, a countless number of cafes, a Co-op, and Grange library. Beware, there are a countless number of senile drivers that will not hesitate to run you down if you step into the road. You were warned.
Person 1: Oh my Gosh! that car almost ran me over!
Person 2: Senile old bitch! Well...what I can I say...we are in Grange Over Sands after all...
by Countrygirlie April 16, 2010
Grange Over Sands is situated on the coast looking over to morecambe bay, it is Home to the degenerate, Mentally Challenged, & Insaine Elderly car drivers, If You have a Death wish, come to Grange, We can gurantee You will be hit by some Senile old bitch behind the Wheel of a car
Grange Over Sands is Populated by Senile old car drivers who have never taken there test
by Mark on the honeypot March 03, 2009
Grange over Sands, also known as 'gods waiting room" is located in the middle of no-ware,Cumbria. Unfortunatly it's beautiful Edwardian architecture is commonly blighted with remenents of crashed cars driven by the towns senile Inhabitants. Of course next to the decimated cars lies the many scooters and BMX's of Granges roaring Chav population, these packs of uneducated delinquents commonly hang round ye old skatepark round the back of the town-or as many people like to call it- the arsehole of grange. Seeing as all it does I crap out annoying scooter kids and infantile BMX'ers
Did you here about the ninety year old who collided with a scooter- must have happened in grange-over-sands
by Nebthed March 23, 2013
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