The toughest, grimiest hood in Hamilton, in all of South Central Ontario for that matter, which consists of primarily 2 buildings but has 2 other apartment buildings to its side which are: 50 Violet, 77 Delwana and the original Grandville buildings: 40 Grandville and 11 Grandville.
Also called: Guttaville, Grimey Grandville, Grimeville, G.V., the hood, the block, the buildings, East End G.V., 40th, 11th, Grace's building and Chochims building.
Damn son, das' Grandville ova' dere, dem niggas is to grimey. Dun' step into dat hood cuzzz. We'll stomp on out around Jerome. Dem' niggas get buck.
by Joshua Penington October 25, 2010
Top Definition
Drug capitol of Michigan. There is nothing to do hear but smoke pot and get drunk. All the guys are douchebags and all the girls are sluts.
Bro, we party in Grandville.
by JB anus August 18, 2008
Absolutely the gayest town in the continental US. The high school sucks and so do most of the people beside wade g. jason n. b alexander, and a select few others.
Grandville sucks madddd cocks
by Jessethebody August 31, 2008
a stuck up school that thinks they're super cool and hood bc they have like 12 black people lots of fake ass hoes but a few tru homies that just like to have fun
I go to grandville, but don't worry I'm not like them
by WiseAssCoolNigga July 16, 2016
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