To be used in conjunction with the term, grandboss (your boss's boss). Grandbitch is what the grandboss calls you.
"I'm going to the bar. The grandbitches are running the models."
by JZ via Gooch November 17, 2009
Top Definition
1. the bitch of your bitch
2. being the bitch of someone else's bitch
3. being a "grand parent" of sorts to your bitch's bitch

can be used in forms such as: bitch-in-law, great-bitch, great grand-bitch, step bitch, etc.
1. "I'm your grand-bitch."
2. "You're the bitch of my bitch, you're my grand-bitch."
3. "You're my grand-bitch."
4. "She's his great grand-bitch."
by Catherine May 14, 2004
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