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Used by lonely, horny French beaver trappers in the American frontier to descibe a. a range of large pointy, snowcapped mountains in modern day Wyoming; b. the mountains where the trappers first took a mountain goat to wife;
"Ou la la, Pierre! I am missing my girlfriend so much. Those mountains are like her Grand Tetons!"

"Ou la la, Madame Le Goat! Give me some of your Grand Tetons!"
by Don August 05, 2004
A national park created in 1950 largly due to the generosity of the rockefeler family. Gigantic breath taking mountains with georgeous lakes at their base. The name comes from the french fur trappers who, after being in the wilderness for several years saw the mountains and thought they looked like breasts. Grand=big Teton=breast
My family viseted the Grand Tetons this summer. It was amazing!
by wyoming February 14, 2005
French for big, juicy, succulent boobies.
I'm sure she has a nice personality, but I'd LOVE her to introduce me to her Grand Tetons!
by Le Bazoom Licker August 29, 2003
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