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A small town of about 3,000 during the summer in northern Minnesota. Commonly called "God's Country" by tourists that don't have to live here year round. Know for it's many lakes including Lake Supior, wilderness for hunting and fishing, and our large number of gift shops that all sell the same over priced gifts. In summer the town grows in size with tourist that flock in and buy the over priced gifts and get lost in our wilderness. In winter the population shrinks as the rich and old leave to go to warmer places. While the rest of us are stuck here looking for jobs and drinking. The population is devied into
60% senior cisterns
30% students
10% others who are stuck here.
Commen Grand Marais Problem
person A: crap, i'm out of everything! Wanna go shop with me?
Person B: Hell no, I'm not driveing 3 hours to Duluth so you can get cloths and food. Just go to town and buy that $60 sweater with the moose on it, you'll be fine.
by K-chan hates you January 06, 2009

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