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a town in central Nebraska. Known mostly for meth, mexicans, and having the only real shopping mall between Lincoln and Denver, oh and Husker Harvest Days. Its a town mostly built on meat packing, and farm equipment manufacturing, so theres not too much going on
Grand Island is a shithole, i guess will have to drive 100 miles to lincoln to have some fun
by bennyp May 27, 2008
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Grand Island is a vile town in eastern Nebraska wherein all manner of despicable persons reside.
"Grand Island" is a complete misnomer, as the town is neither grand nor an island.
"I caught herpes from a meth-whore in Grand Island."
by kevhanel August 04, 2006
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A small island full of rich adults that spoil their children with material items and money. The kids then go spend the money on drugs and alcohol. A grand place to live!
Guy 1:Hey want to go to a party on Grand Island?
Guy 2: Sure we need to go buy new clothes at Locust first
Guy 1: and make sure we have enough money to buy coke!
by Grand Island resident September 21, 2006
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Grand Island is home to the set I call The Westside Whiteboys. People know we're the Westside Whiteboys. Shaved headed down ass mothafuckers to say fuck ESL -13-. You ain't no mothafuckin' mafia. West is the Best.
by A Westside Whiteboy April 21, 2011
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