When you recently took a shit, and later on you start getting a itching feeling in your ass. The reason is, you didn't wipe all that shit up.
Man dude i got grand canyon
by MikeyB A Ball3r July 24, 2011
refers to when a man has anal sex with a man or a woman until the receiving partners anus is gaping. Then the man proceeds to shit into the receiving partners gaping anus.
Holy shit bro, Melo gave Suzie a grand canyon in the back seat of his STI. The car smelled like shit for days.
by sin city bags July 21, 2009
jessica johnson's vagina
she is from Bloomington
love T&S
im out of the grand canyon
by mike hoyle January 11, 2009
A term for when someone's butt crack seems to be hanging out. AKA- A plumber's crack.
Ohh man! Look at Kaity! She went to the Grand Canyon and she ain't ever comin' back!
by Chassi Anne May 24, 2010
big hole in Northern Arizona dug by a hebrew in 1732. It seams this hebrew man pulled his hand from his pocket and a nickle went down a gopher hole.. well 100 years he dug looking for his nickle. that's how grand canyon came to be.
yO dude did U see how big the grand canyon is???
Wow a Jew droped a nickle down a gopher hole & now all this!!
BOY that is a lot of work with a number 2 shovel!!!
by itichie_nocanpo October 09, 2006
The act of which during sex the male inserts his cock in the bottom of the females cleavage and runs it through to the top where she then gives him oral sex.

Less technical : Stick da cock inbetween them titties to get that blow job!
Man I swear,if the woman aint got big tits theres no point for a grand canyon.
by Jake October 13, 2004

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