(n.) The act of combining Cradle and Upper Deck, thus ruining a toilet completely.
Guy 1: Have you seen the bathroom?
Guy 2: No what happened to it?
Guy 1: Someone destroyed it...with shit. They cradled it AND upper decked it.
by Ankylosaurus February 24, 2010
Top Definition
A term in baseball when there is a runner on 1st, 2nd and 3rd, base; then the player at bat hits a home run and four runs are scored. Somewhat rare.
Do I really need an example for this? Grand Slam
by Simulationcity September 06, 2005
Fucking in a Denny's, usually in the bathroom.
"She and I had a Grand Slam. Oh, we ordered it, too."
by Missynoob October 03, 2012
Okay for this you need 4 gentlemen and a chick. A party may be a good place for this. The first three gentlemen need to make out with the chick. They each get to "first base." The bases are loaded as the "runners" advance. Finally the fourth gentleman approaches the chick and proceeds to have sexual intercourse with her. Once he "gets all around the bases" by this act he has "hit a grand slam home run." Or simply a "grand slam." The remaining gentlemen burst into the room and many hi-fives are exchanged while they all yell, "Grand Slam."
Hey I hit a Grand Slam with this chick and some help from my best buds last night.
by AAAndrew May 13, 2004
A meal typically served at Denny's. Usually consists of a log of poo on top of a pile of vomit, no drink.
Why, yes, I think I shall try the new delicious double grand slam, make sure it's steaming.
by The Sporky August 10, 2004
Series of the following sexual positions performed in succession while maintaining continuous penetration: missionary then flipping to cowgirl then spinning around to reverse cowgirl and finishing with doggie style.
My boyfriend and I were so inspired by our team's gland slam that we celebrated with our own grand slam!
by zenithwit August 15, 2011
Taking a large hit/toke from a bong/bubbler/vaporizer holding the smoke in the person's lungs while taking a shot of liquor then chugging a beer; finally doing a line and blowing out the smoke.
*Almost impossible*
"that fool did a Grand Slam last night and straight up died; but we all thought it was ill to watch!"
by pappyinww2 April 06, 2010
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