A great city in West MI, with lots of opportunities, people, and things to do. Grand Rapids gets better and better every year. Was known as the "furniture city". But is now more popular in the arts with two art museums, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Saint Cecelia Music Society, WMCAT, Civic Theater, Kendall Art College, and also the largest art competition in the world, ARTPRIZE. Also famous for the worlds largest lip dub to the song "American Pie" led by Rob Bliss. There is so many things to do around GR every season. And is also known for the Fredrick Mejier Gardens and Sculpture Park, with an indoor tropical rain forest green house. GR gets a bad, exaggerated rep about GRPS. But now has a new superintendent, and is getting better.
" I went to a wedding in Grand Rapids and I didn't want to leave, so many things to do rain or shine!"

"I love Grand Rapids because I'm a city girl, but NY, Chicago, and Detroit is to big and crowded."

"I love to take walks in the evening down town Grand Rapids when all the lights and the sun set are shining on the Grand River."
by Poprocks2.0 January 28, 2012
Top Definition
A city in Western Michigan. Bottom line, it's better than the shit hole you live in.
Dave: Hey man where you from?

Joe: Oh I live in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Dave: Damn! That's way better than the shit hole I live in!
by Bekins August 25, 2012
The 2nd biggest city in the state of michagan on the west side lower penensala away from detroit,with a history of furnicher manifactoring & has a AHL minor league hocky team. Also it used to be home of the arena football team the rampage.
I went too grandrapids
by snakehead plumming December 21, 2010
NOT the city in Michigan, but a quaint little town in northern Minnesota. The birth place of actress Judy Garland, where she began her acting career. Home of a real yellow brick road. The official town of the Wizard of Oz. A kick ass town to go fishing, hunting, etc. in.
Joe: So where you from?
Jane: Grand Rapids
Joe: Oh, Michigan? Gross. Sorry to hear that.
Jane: No, Minnesota.
Joe: Oh, right on!
by asilsknab October 27, 2008
The 2nd largest city of Michigan with about 193,000 residents, but slightly declining as some residents move to the suburbs. The largest city in Western Michigan, located in Kent County along the Grand River. It is often called The Furniture Capital of America. Amway is one of the few major companies headquartered in Grand Rapids.
The Grand Rapids area is generally nicer than most Michigan cities, especially Detroit.
by krock1dk December 02, 2007
City in Western Michigan with a population of about 200,000. People outside of Western MI generally have no idea where it is, possibly because nothing happens there. Called The Furniture Capital because Steelcase makes a few desks and chairs southwest of town. Dutch people abound in the area, as well as an increasing population of Hispanics. Former President Gerald Ford grew up near the city. The company called a pyramid scheme by some, Amway, alternatively Scamway, is also based nearby.
A: Where are you from?
B: Grand Rapids.
A: Where's that?
by 4UF9WE May 09, 2006
A midsize city in West Michigan that loves the arts. ArtPrize, the largest public art contest in the world started here 3 years ago. Lots of great theater, improvisation, and music . It's one of the few towns with a fish ladder so lots of fisherman too. Plus it's only 45 minutes from some of the most amazing beaches in the country. Incredible camping, hiking and backpacking too because of the North Country trail.
A: Where' you from?
B: Doesn't matter. I'm in Grand Rapids now.
by fishimprov October 14, 2011
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