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A cult of the cockiest group of UVA students you will ever meet. Can often be seen wearing Nike basketball apparel, talking like they are hot stuff when in reality they couldn’t even make it on a Division 3 athletic team. Almost all of them are pre-med but are too lazy to work hard. They are often found in groups at Clemons looking at thecourseforum to take all GPA booster classes such as learn to groove, and they refuse to work for Bachelor of Science Degrees because that would actually be too much hard work for them. This may be a result of them living off of their parent's money. Also found exclusively in music and theology classes despite being "interested" in medicine. Sorriest bunch of fake Christians as they take every greedy shortcut in life. Identifiable by the pathetic use of "Champ-yoon" and "Champ-Hoon" to their name.
Pathetic GCF #1: "Man, because we're in Grace Christian Fellowship we're totally the coolest people in the world. Let's go Champ-Yoon at basketball after I finish my Learn to Groove Class because I'm too pathetically stupid to take real or challenging science courses even though I'm pre-med"
Pathetic GCF #2: "I agree, we are definitely the coolest people ever. Even though I only bench 135 pounds, let me pound my chest and scream loudly in my cutoff t-shirt on the basketball court. But first I have to go look on courseforum for another music class, I'm so afraid of taking a real class"
by dwys January 16, 2014
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