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noun; Pronounced: (gov or pour ray shun); Govorporated, noun/adj. Govorporate, adj/verb; Govorporately, adv.

The combination of both the Unites States government and global corporations. Corporations, through the funding of political campaigns and with the help of their lobbyists, who appeal to our elected officials with money and various accolades, plan to privatize everything conceivable, enslave the population, and basically steal the house you live in, your savings, the clothes off of your back, and your household pets if they find that there is any value to them.
Due to the merger between the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Monsanto, the govorporation's regulatory measures concerning the foods we eat are suspect.

In the govorporation's 'Consumer's Guide to Capitalism' it states: By cheating and riding on the backs of hard working American citizens, we can enslave them simply with a pen and a piece of paper.
by Heated by Ms. Deeds July 12, 2012
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