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One who works for the government, as opposed to a contractor working for a private company.
The contractors are in full-force today, taking over the govies' chow line.
by Dorkus Prime May 18, 2008
A student or alum of a Governor's School. Usually talented in at least one area of academics, and often somewhat quirky.
All work and no play makes a govie about the same as usual.
by tra la la January 17, 2004
A student who attends a Governor's school. The common govies is considered separate among the common classification of a student mainly because of their use of knowledge, academic skills, and their ability to locate each other in a crowd of people. Govies tend to have the potential to change the future.
We love govies!
Man, I wish I were a govie...
Those govies don't make any sense!
by KC June 16, 2006
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