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A Government Troll is someone paid by a .gov to influence people's opinions on the internet, especially when it comes to key or suppressed issues. They have multiple accounts to forums/blogs/facebook etc and use them to discredit people's responses and sway public opinion.

This actually works on almost all sheeple.
Blog Title: Obamalamma isn't from the US
Lengthy post showing evidence that its true.

Comments Section:
Guy1: I knew it, lets boot him out no wonder America is in so much debt only a non-us citizen would do this to us.
Government Troll Persona1: Guy1 you are wrong Obamalamma was born in the US.
Guy Two: GTroll Persona1 Just look at the evidence
Government Trolll Persona2: Here is a random document that says Obamalamma is from US.
Government Troll Persona3: See Guy1 Persona2 proved you wrong.
RandomTroll: Obamalamma is gay.
Guy2: Okay maybe Obamalamma is from the US guy1 is a conspiracy theorist.
Guy3: Freaking conspiracy theorists why did I waste my time reading this post when its not true.
by Ken CDN October 10, 2013

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