A hearty stew, which contains chunks of veal (though other kinds of meat can also be used, veal is prefered), and cut vegetables.
Good goulash is seasoned with a good amount of paprika, and tastes quite spicy.

Personally, I recommend eating it with either rice or fries.
"I think I'll have the goulash... what about you?"
by Lennart December 21, 2005
A meat stew sold around Europe, but can also be used offensively and agressively in conversation.
"Steve your a bad goulash"

"I'll knock u out goulash prick"
by HectorB March 07, 2007
1)an ill-tasting food often served in cafeterias made by combining leftovers from other meals. One could tell their friends that they got alot of goulash at camp and the friends might think they meant pussy
1. SON: so dad how were you with the ladies when you were younger
DAD: yeah back when i was in college i got so much goulash let me tell you
SON:wow, you must have been a ladies man

2. Goulash again, thats the third time this week, and it smells like fish
by ttrickytom July 15, 2005

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