Goudie is a pig faced arrogent ugly smelly chick who whores herself to anything that walks. Usually hated by many.
Wow that bitch is one hell of a goudie.
by Brendan April 19, 2005
Top Definition
n., adj.
(1) Anything thats anywhere between a little bit weird and totally outrageous, but is so great it causes spontaneous orgasms
(2) a gratifuck; an uncontrollable desire to sexually gratify someone as a method of thanks

guy: it was so goudie i totally ejaculated in my pants
girl: i know, i'm so wet from all the goudie

bro1: christmas dinner was so great i wanted to goudie aunt bessie
bro2: sick but true

girl: You're such a good friend!
guy: its the least i could do...
girl: i'm gonna goudie your brains out!
guy: cool, take your shirt off.
by gabriellagoudie625 January 08, 2009
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