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A man who intensely enjoys to preform oral sex on a female.
Dave is such a goucher his head is probably between his girlfriends legs right now.
by Framptal Tromwibbler March 30, 2013
A lovely pal who helps out his buds, likes the Beatles but is still rawkin.
Only ever speaks in binary.
Awh thanks for helping me, you're such a Goucher!
by 10010110 May 04, 2009
An individual who is extremely lazy (perhaps due to an inclination to smoke the 'erb), cannot keep to times or arrangements and is in general a bit of a sloth!
Fucking goucher
by dzee February 20, 2011
Person who consistently "dirties" the area in between his testacle and anus.
After many messy situations involving the toilet, Nasser realized he had become a Goucher.
by Sameerchandra February 02, 2009
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