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A man who intensely enjoys to preform oral sex on a female.
Dave is such a goucher his head is probably between his girlfriends legs right now.
by Framptal Tromwibbler March 30, 2013
1 0
A lovely pal who helps out his buds, likes the Beatles but is still rawkin.
Only ever speaks in binary.
Awh thanks for helping me, you're such a Goucher!
by 10010110 May 04, 2009
9 7
An individual who is extremely lazy (perhaps due to an inclination to smoke the 'erb), cannot keep to times or arrangements and is in general a bit of a sloth!
Fucking goucher
by dzee February 20, 2011
7 7
Person who consistently "dirties" the area in between his testacle and anus.
After many messy situations involving the toilet, Nasser realized he had become a Goucher.
by Sameerchandra February 02, 2009
8 23