There's more to the gothic subculture than most people think.
Being a 'goth' is wrongly interpreted because a lot of younger kids (in the range of, say 13 - 18) made the gothscene rather stereotypical.
If you would ask 20 random people what they think of if they hear "gothic", they'll probably say "black"/"piercings"/"morbid".
This is not true, actually, gothic was commercialized by bands like Marilyn Manson and Nightiwish.

In fact, gothrock has it's roots in new wave, wich was a reaction to punk in the late 80's.
But there's a lot of other music goths listen too, hence there are a lot of different "goths": cybergoths, punkgoths, victorian goths, wavegoths, gothrockers, or combinations of those.
All of these groups listen to different styles of music and dress differently:

Cybergoths: listen to electro(general name for industrial/neofolk/ebm/darkwave/etc.) and wear a lot of latex/pvc or neon colours. Usually they've got a lot of synthetic coloured hairpieces in their hair, but there are a lot of exceptions.

Punkgoths: are a combination of goths and punks, they usually listen to punk, punkrock and gothrock.

Victorian goths: these are the goths people 'know', they listen to gothicmetal and a bit of gothrock in general. But this can vary. Victorian goths wear a lot of velvet. Usually gowns, corsets and other clothes who could've come right out of the dark ages.

Wavegoths: this type of gothic has a lot of different names, were I live, they're called wavegoths, but I've heard other labels, so this may vary. Usually people who kind of "imitate" the newwavers of the late 80's. They wear lots of black and adore vintage, normally, but again, there are exceptions.

Gothrockers: is a part of the subculture who listens to gothrock. A lot of gothrockers claim that that's all they need to be goth. For them, the music is the most important, the looks don't matter all that much.

And at last, we've got the so-called "wannabe's"/"posers" or "spooky-kids": these are the people who - in my eyes - made the subculture stereotypical and commercial. But I'm old enough to not blame them, they're just kids who want to be someone.
Anyway, they wear a lots of black, lots of black makeup, listen to commercial gothic. A couple of examples: marilyn manson, slipknot and of course the more commercial gothrockbands.

But bear in mind that my definitons are stereotypical. There are thousands of goths out there who can't be labeled like this. Some cybers listen to newwave too, etc.
I hope I 've helped you with explaining the gothic subculture.

p.s: I am belgian, so excuse me if I wrote things wrong. My english isn't perfect. =)

Bear in mind that my definitons are stereotypical. There are thousands of goths out there who can't be labeled like this. Some cybers listen to newwave too, etc.
I hope I 've helped you with explaining the gothic subculture.
by _Ayla_ July 30, 2006
originally interesting original inspiring subculture inspired by the cure. has now sunk to a load of losers dresing in black and leather coats threatening anyone who goes near them with knuckledusters, or even more fatal, the smell that seems to radiate off them. think anybody that smiles is a understands or is good as them even tho they hate themselves. listen to slipknot and korn. clothes must be almost all black, hair must be dyed unless naturally black. goth girls show far much more flesh than wanted by anyone. has two offspring tribes-grungers(look for the nirvana hoodies) and emos(at least 10 piercings, stumbling around blindly due to hair covering eyes.
goth:look at those chavs, have to follow a fashion not like me in my leather coat and offspring hoodie, gona go cut miself now
by ed666 February 01, 2006
A fucking shit bag that smells like John Kerry.
Dude I went to the local hick store and bought some bags of goth to keep my garden fertile.
by RyanRR November 22, 2005
It has been said that the only thing worst than a conformist is the one who conforms to nonconformist standards. In essence, that is what has become of the goth subculture. Originally a sharp reaction to preps and jocks, the goth standard has melted down into a standard that cannot be deviated from. Modern day goths follow the same routine and habits: They listen to metal and death metal music, such as Slipknot and Led Zeppelin; they dress in nothing but black; they wear clothing from the unusual (fishnet) to the bizzare (high-top black leather boots); they have many piercings on their body, including (but not limited to) the eyebrows, tongue, belly-button, and lips; they shop at Hot Topic; they describe themselves as 'twisted' or 'dark'. There are more examples I can think of, but by now, you should have a clear mental picture of what a goth is. We all know a goth; (s)he sticks out like a sore thumb. The goth subculture is burning itself up, because it was originally a reaction to conformism. Now, it has simply creatly a new standard to conform to.
There goes that goth chick, with her leather outfit and mowhawk hair dyed green.
by Doug March 29, 2005
Goths are a part of a counter-cultural movement that embraces the dark side of life. Though some goths are depressed and suicidal, this is not the true basis for the gothic culture. As a counter-culture, goths have a point for their existence. They express their opposition to the norm, their desire for individuality, as well as their pain and suffering through their style, music, attitudes, and spiritual beliefs. Goths are not devil-worshippers, anti-prep, or fixated on death. They are intelligent, individualistic human beings who simply express themselves differently from the mainstream.

Here are some stereotypes of goths:
-they never smile
-they never laugh
-they always wear black
-they worship satan
-they are depressed, suicidal
-they are obsessed with death
-they hate preps
-they do drugs

There are also many types of goths out there. For example, there is your stereotypical goth, your cyber goth, your emo/goth, your industrial goth, your Victorian goth, and many more.

In general, every goth has his/her own definition as to what goth is. So don't knock anyone else's defintion or criticize others for their views.
Gothic is a subculture as well as counter-culture which embraces the dark side of life.
by Kimberly 2000 June 16, 2006
Individual who just want express themselves in the way they act and dress. The most frequent choice of messages expressed seem to be "Black", "Spiky" and "Angry". Goths are often quite lovely people so long as you don't mention this fact. There is no known goth over the age of twenty-two.
"All my goth friends dress in black, avoid sunlight and body pierce, maybe if i do that i'll be individual too".
by Cibo December 11, 2006
a freakin freak of nature who sits nesxt to you in class and has a picture of satan on their binder, and it miserable and depressed constantly because they are fat and gay.
Joe: Hay dude did you see that fat bitch sitting in math class who paints her face white?

Tommy: yah dude she is a freakin retard, i hope she eats shit

Joe: yah she must be one of those goth idiots
by Dibrat December 21, 2009
There is alot of confusion between what a goth is because there is another 'brand' of person of which could be mistaken for one. These two brands are Goths and Goffs a Goff is a person who dresses in dark clothing and listens to rock and metal ect, a Goth is a person who has all this and believes in romantic death.
By this you should be able to understand that catogrising people aint gd coz u have no fuckin idea what u are goin on about and u sld listen to rock and metal ect its gd
by Tasha March 14, 2004
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