There's more to the gothic subculture than most people think.
Being a 'goth' is wrongly interpreted because a lot of younger kids (in the range of, say 13 - 18) made the gothscene rather stereotypical.
If you would ask 20 random people what they think of if they hear "gothic", they'll probably say "black"/"piercings"/"morbid".
This is not true, actually, gothic was commercialized by bands like Marilyn Manson and Nightiwish.

In fact, gothrock has it's roots in new wave, wich was a reaction to punk in the late 80's.
But there's a lot of other music goths listen too, hence there are a lot of different "goths": cybergoths, punkgoths, victorian goths, wavegoths, gothrockers, or combinations of those.
All of these groups listen to different styles of music and dress differently:

Cybergoths: listen to electro(general name for industrial/neofolk/ebm/darkwave/etc.) and wear a lot of latex/pvc or neon colours. Usually they've got a lot of synthetic coloured hairpieces in their hair, but there are a lot of exceptions.

Punkgoths: are a combination of goths and punks, they usually listen to punk, punkrock and gothrock.

Victorian goths: these are the goths people 'know', they listen to gothicmetal and a bit of gothrock in general. But this can vary. Victorian goths wear a lot of velvet. Usually gowns, corsets and other clothes who could've come right out of the dark ages.

Wavegoths: this type of gothic has a lot of different names, were I live, they're called wavegoths, but I've heard other labels, so this may vary. Usually people who kind of "imitate" the newwavers of the late 80's. They wear lots of black and adore vintage, normally, but again, there are exceptions.

Gothrockers: is a part of the subculture who listens to gothrock. A lot of gothrockers claim that that's all they need to be goth. For them, the music is the most important, the looks don't matter all that much.

And at last, we've got the so-called "wannabe's"/"posers" or "spooky-kids": these are the people who - in my eyes - made the subculture stereotypical and commercial. But I'm old enough to not blame them, they're just kids who want to be someone.
Anyway, they wear a lots of black, lots of black makeup, listen to commercial gothic. A couple of examples: marilyn manson, slipknot and of course the more commercial gothrockbands.

But bear in mind that my definitons are stereotypical. There are thousands of goths out there who can't be labeled like this. Some cybers listen to newwave too, etc.
I hope I 've helped you with explaining the gothic subculture.

p.s: I am belgian, so excuse me if I wrote things wrong. My english isn't perfect. =)

Bear in mind that my definitons are stereotypical. There are thousands of goths out there who can't be labeled like this. Some cybers listen to newwave too, etc.
I hope I 've helped you with explaining the gothic subculture.
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by _Ayla_ July 30, 2006
As a subculture: Goths are people who are obviously unique or different. Most choose to dress in black or darker colors showing what they feel for in life. Not like what alot of people say, Goths don't always wear black since they wear bright colors too. Also, not many Goths do suicide since that is stereo-typing. If you actually think about it, more Preps kill themsleves due to stress and pressure. Anyway, Goths are usually the ones who don't speak much, dyes their hair in strange colors, shows mostly dark, creative artwork, and such. They're not limelight hungry, they people who say they are, probbaly are. Goths are different, but that doesn't mean that they aren't human. To say, for whichever's better or worse, Goths are anything, but ordinary. It's not a crime to be beautiful, but it is one to take beauty away from others.
Prep->OmfG!! That Goth is so tacky. Like, just look at her clothes!
Goth->What'd you say?
Prep->Like you didn't hear me? I sai-
Goth->Fucking bitch. (straight-on punch to the face)
Prep->(falls down) make-up is ruined!!
Goth->As if I'd care..(walks off)
by KittizxKatz December 21, 2004
A Goth is someone who sees beauty in the dark side of life. Today's society is focused on negating darkness because it is associated with evil. Think about it - in almost every fairy tale, who is the antagonist? The brunette. Who is the protagonist? The blonde. Dark is evil, evil is bad, and therefore we should wipe all trace of it from our lives.
Unfortunately, that's simply not possible. No matter how hard society tries, people still die. Day turns into night. Love becomes loss. It's a fact of life.
So while everyone else is denying an entire half of life, the Goths embrace ALL of life, good and bad. Goths understand that the best and most lasting joy is tinged with a little sadness, and that all love is bittersweet. Goths understand that not everybody has to be happy 24/7, and that the way to succeed is not by pretending you are. Sunlit skies are beautiful, yes, but so are dark cloudy ones. What is white without black? What is a rose without thorns?
Thus, by embracing the shadows as well as the sun, Goths are, in many cases, actually more emotionally healthy than those in mainstream society.
Plus, we get to wear much cooler clothing and listen to far better music!
Boy #1: Look, a Goth!
Boy #2: How do you know?
Boy #1: She's dressed in dark clothing and has those funky eyeliner swirly things. How weird. Let's go hit on her.
Boy #2: Just remember to mention that you totally dig Marilyn Manson.
Girl: Ugh, what a slut. Why can't she just dress like a real person? (stomps off in a jealous fit)
#goth #goths #darkness #philosophy #emotion #emotions #feelings #clothes
by Dark Art December 11, 2005
A great bunch of people once you get to know. They aren't pathetic and stereotypical like the ones criticising them.
- Ohh look there is a Goth
- Yeah, she's fucking ugly!
- Damn Straight
- Hey, let's go cornhole each other!
- Great idea
#unique #attractive #open #friendly #lovable
by Totenkopf September 22, 2005
On, a word with a lot of really, reeeeeeeeealy long definitions.
I'm sure more people would understand the term goth if the definitions weren't as long a friggin' book.
by Squeed August 31, 2005
I won’t reiterate what others have said about true Goths. However, I will say this. There is one thing I do disagree with that so far I have read in every entry. It is the music. Why do Goths have to listen to certain genres? I thought true Goths are open minded. So why so close minded for the matter of music?

Granted, Marilyn Manson and Simple Plan are not goth, nor punk. That does not mean they can’t be listened to by a goth.
Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Marilyn Manson, etc. are not gothic music, but they are musicians.

The 69 Eyes is Gothic Rock, but you can still dislike them and be a goth. I like them, but it doesn't mean someone else does. It just like any type of music, you have to enjoy it to listen to them. Since Goths think for themselves, listening to other genres other than goth is okay.
#music #goth #gothic #gothic music #marilyn manson
by Aranel Phoenix April 01, 2006
A follower of the Gothic subculture. Goths almost always have an above-average IQ, if not well above-average. They are usually from middle-class to upper-class families.
Goths are often the target of much stereotypes. People believe (usually these people are pikey or scally) that they think often of death, suicide and are very pessimistic. This, however, is not true at all. Most goths are very artistic in many ways. They are very skilled at literature, poetry, art and music. They can also have an entire conversation without have to resort to the pathetic, common slang terms of today.
People believe goths are satan-worshippers, who praise satan and wish to burn in the fires of hell for all eternity after they die. But this is not true. Most goths are either Buddhist or Pagan. Both of these religions rule against: violence of any sort, eating of other beings and mass comsumption of any type of drug (tobacco, alcohol etc).
So now you'll realise what a goth really is. And you will treat them with respect and dignity
Go to a place where somebody can be peaceful. There you will find goths.
by Neo March 26, 2004
’Goth’ is not about Satan worshipping, scaring people or shocking them. It is a lifestyle, an art. It's beauty, showing people who you are. ‘Goths’ tend to have true depth and insight and an opinion worth listening to. There thoughts are darker and they perceive things differently to how other might do. ‘Goths’ have a way of recognizing the beauty of things that seem so morbid and tragic to others, although anyone can see these things ‘normal people’ usually tend not too.
Someone- That person wears black she must be a goth!

'Goth'- Quit with the fucking labels! I AM JUST ME!
by darkpetal August 11, 2005
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