Goth is not a label. Goth is a real culture that expresses the beauty in darkness and morbidity. Goths usually wear all black, the color of their soul. They don't just wear anything black, the black clothes are more unique and elegant. Some Goths go beyond the black clothes and they wear thick eyeliner and black lipstick. Some make their faces white like a ghost and dye their hair unnatural colors. Goths can be Satan worshippers, Atheists, Christians, Pagans, Wiccans, or any religion. There are some people who give Goths a bad name and other Goths call them posers, but that is simply not true. In a garden, though some vegetables may be rotten, that doesn't mean they aren't vegetables. And as for Goths and non-conformity, what does Goth have to do with non-conformity??? If people join the Gothic Culture just because they want to be non-conformists then that is a very bad reason to become Gothic. People can be Gothic and still be individuals. I'm a Goth and I'm also an individual and I don't try to be different because there isn't any point in it. And Goths aren't all attention seekers. Many of us just feel comfortable looking a certain way, even if we have thick, pointy eyeliner and black lipstick, a pale face, and green hair. Not all Goths are angst-filled morons who have their mind set on blowing up their school. Alot of Goths don't even go to school; there are many adult Goths as well as teens. And I hate the word poser. People call other Goths posers to make themselves feel good. It's name calling, that's all it is, and it's very puerile. Calling someone a poser is definitely a form of bullying and it needs to be stopped.
I am a Goth because Goth is my soul.

I hate it when Goths get called Satan worshippers and it's not true and instead of just saying "I'm not a Satan worshipper" they go and say something negative about people who truly worship Satan.

I am a Satan worshipping Goth.
by Satan-worshipping Goth December 23, 2005
Someone that doesn't follow the norm of society. A very artistic person that doesn't have to follow the stereotypes given by gay ass preps. They don't have to follow a certain "dress code" or religeon. They can be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or whatever.
1)I dress gothic every day and go to a Catholic church in my daily attire.
2)A Catholic school kid blessed himself when I walked by after school, LOL!!
by The Finkster October 10, 2005
I. The Gothic personality.
Generally speaking, true Goths are intelligent, artistic individuals with an almost fanatic reverence for the arts and all types of beauty. Many Goths possess certain qualities prior to their initial identification with the subculture or even their knowledge that it exists; some of these qualities include thoughtfulness, creativity, intelligence, shyness, and an introspective nature.
II. The Gothic philosophy.
I will strive to sum this up in as few words as possible. The Gothic subculture is based on the idea of finding beauty and light in all those things dark, grotesque, tragic, and sorrowful. The seeming fixation with Death is an example of this; Goths embrace things that cause fear and revulsion in mainstream society, because in truth they are no less beautiful than their daylight counterparts.
If any among you wishes to further enlighten him or herself, I suggest the study of old Gothic literature, the very best of which is exemplified in the works of Dante, Shelley, Byron, Lovecraft, and Poe.
III. Gothic music.
The term "Gothic" was, to my knowledge, first used to describe the emerging subculture by the band Joy Division in the late 70's. Along with Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy, and The Cure, this band helped establish Gothic as a musical genre. The Gothic sound is characterized by dark, brooding, strange music that can sound cacophonous to the uninitiated. Some other notable Goth bands include Switchblade Symphony, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, and Christian Death. By the way, bands that are widely mislabeled as being Gothic, yet are NOT, include (to name a few): Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, Evanescence.
IV. Gothic attire.
Most people know that Goths favor black if they know anything at all. There are so many different styles of dress among Goths that I dare not attempt a complete list; here are some of the most commonly worn materials and articles of clothing among Goths: velvet, silk, fishnet stockings, PVC, brocade, lace, LOTS of boots, things with buckles, dark jewel tones such as purple and wine colored garments, gloves, very high heels, band T-shirts, chokers, corsets. Many Goths, especially the "old-school" Goths, will tease their hair mercilessly with crimpers and hairspray to achieve an "Edward Scissorhands" type of effect. Hair dye is, of course, widely used. Traditional Gothic makeup consists of stark-white powder, and black or dark eyeliner and lipstick. Men and women both have a tendency to pluck their eyebrows nearly out of existence, and then draw them back in. It goes without saying that a person who looks like this is not necessarily a Goth. This aesthetic, however, is an intrinsic part of the subculture and cannot be disregarded for its superficiality; Goths tend to thrive on artifice anyway.
V. Miscellaneous Information.
Goths are commonly found passing their free time in small coffee houses, book shops, art galleries, Gothic clubs, and, of course, cemeteries. Many Goths smoke; clove cigarettes are very popular with our crowd. Drugs of choice for those Goths who wish to indulge in the vice may include Speed, LSD, Alcohol, Ecstasy, and the like...I applaud those who abstain from drug use, for they have greater strength than my own. Goths frequently enjoy movies and television shows such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Hunger, Nosferatu, and The Addams Family. Goths do NOT eat bugs and drink blood; we eat Cheerios just like everyone else.
I myself have been a part of the subculture for a mere two years-- I am by no means a veteran of the Scene, but my passion for it is great and grows continuously. I hope that this definition has been useful. To know more, I suggest The Autumn Cemetery Text (available online... google it).
Famous goths, despite their denials of affiliation with the scene, include Peter Murphy, Andrew Eldritch, and Siouxsie Sioux.
by jade suspira April 05, 2006
A Goth is someone who likes the different side of things. They have their own choice in music, and they don't care if no-one else likes it or not. "Real" goths are not depressing and suicidal like the posers you see around town. Goths are fun to be around with and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves every so often. They don't all worship Satan and aren't evil despite what some ignorant people might say. Goths don't dress alike either. They like to create their own unique style. Goths are also very intelligent and creative. A lot of them are writers and artists. Goths DON'T envy the popular people. They are what they are because it makes them happy. Goths would rather stay who they are and be among the so called "freaks" than be like everyone else and be popular. They understand that there are more important things in life than popularity, and usually succeed in life while the popular ones don't become much of anything.
If someone becomes "goth" because they couldn't get any friends or are depressed and angry all the time, they are posers.
A goth will walk alone where a chav will hide inside his herd and though the goth may take a beating at least that goth was never a coward.
A goth will insult only those who have earnt it whereas a chav will insult people for things as shallow as the clothes they are wearing.
A goths insult will be witty and cutting, a chavs insult more often than not will consist of the chav making a repulsive noise.
A goth will enrich their mind, a chav will watch soaps.
In the morning, a goth will ask themselves “what do I want to wear?” whilst a chav will ask themselves “what in this selection of clothes is the most acceptable thing to wear?”
A goth will have a friend because they are good for someone, a chav will have a friend because that someone is good for them.
A goth approaches new situations with a willingness to think and find the best way forward, a chav will react with aggression to that which it does not already know.
A goth will listen to music that is meaningful to their life and thought provoking, a chav will listen to music which will tell him how to behave.
- There is actually no specific way to describe goth, because it really is unique...but I just wanted to make it clear to people that "Goth" isn't all evil and blood and gore and whatever, because goths can have fun, laugh and enjoy themseves.
This is all my point of view, and sure, everyone has their own, and that's fine with me, just as long as I don't get dissed for what I believe, because that's prejudism, and it's usually the goths that suffer prejudism, because people think all they do is waste their lives away by slitting their wrists and posing around looking all scary, but it really isn't so.
Goths have no interest in popularity whatsoever. They think outside the box. People aspire to be popular and dress in certain ways that are 'in' with everyone else simply because it has never occurred to them how pointless societies values really are. Society assumes that what another has thought of, is better than what you can think of on your own but why is one mind better than another? Goths make the greatest friends. Goths have the unusual ideas. Goths just don't suffer from the same afflictions of 'normality'.
A goth can tolerate the surrounding world.
A Chav makes fun of anything that crosses his way, unless it suits him.
A goth can dress however he feels on that day, while a Chav only wears what his friends will accept as "cool".
by Fliss Taylor November 25, 2005
There's more to the gothic subculture than most people think.
Being a 'goth' is wrongly interpreted because a lot of younger kids (in the range of, say 13 - 18) made the gothscene rather stereotypical.
If you would ask 20 random people what they think of if they hear "gothic", they'll probably say "black"/"piercings"/"morbid".
This is not true, actually, gothic was commercialized by bands like Marilyn Manson and Nightiwish.

In fact, gothrock has it's roots in new wave, wich was a reaction to punk in the late 80's.
But there's a lot of other music goths listen too, hence there are a lot of different "goths": cybergoths, punkgoths, victorian goths, wavegoths, gothrockers, or combinations of those.
All of these groups listen to different styles of music and dress differently:

Cybergoths: listen to electro(general name for industrial/neofolk/ebm/darkwave/etc.) and wear a lot of latex/pvc or neon colours. Usually they've got a lot of synthetic coloured hairpieces in their hair, but there are a lot of exceptions.

Punkgoths: are a combination of goths and punks, they usually listen to punk, punkrock and gothrock.

Victorian goths: these are the goths people 'know', they listen to gothicmetal and a bit of gothrock in general. But this can vary. Victorian goths wear a lot of velvet. Usually gowns, corsets and other clothes who could've come right out of the dark ages.

Wavegoths: this type of gothic has a lot of different names, were I live, they're called wavegoths, but I've heard other labels, so this may vary. Usually people who kind of "imitate" the newwavers of the late 80's. They wear lots of black and adore vintage, normally, but again, there are exceptions.

Gothrockers: is a part of the subculture who listens to gothrock. A lot of gothrockers claim that that's all they need to be goth. For them, the music is the most important, the looks don't matter all that much.

And at last, we've got the so-called "wannabe's"/"posers" or "spooky-kids": these are the people who - in my eyes - made the subculture stereotypical and commercial. But I'm old enough to not blame them, they're just kids who want to be someone.
Anyway, they wear a lots of black, lots of black makeup, listen to commercial gothic. A couple of examples: marilyn manson, slipknot and of course the more commercial gothrockbands.

But bear in mind that my definitons are stereotypical. There are thousands of goths out there who can't be labeled like this. Some cybers listen to newwave too, etc.
I hope I 've helped you with explaining the gothic subculture.

p.s: I am belgian, so excuse me if I wrote things wrong. My english isn't perfect. =)

Bear in mind that my definitons are stereotypical. There are thousands of goths out there who can't be labeled like this. Some cybers listen to newwave too, etc.
I hope I 've helped you with explaining the gothic subculture.
by _Ayla_ July 30, 2006
Along with some history thingy about Vikings or another. Goth is a shallow label stuck onto some consumerist subculture originally cultivated as an architectural design, but has grossly mutated into a fashion statement for slightly alienated teens (and occasionally adults).

I have read a lot of these definitions, and most of them define the "true" goth and the "wannabe" goth. Let me just say this:

There is no difference.

It doesn't matter if someone spends $500 a week on mass-manufactured Hot Topic merchandise, or sits in their room for hours reading nihilist literature and/or casting spells from Barnes and Noble spellbooks. There is no label for it.

And no, there aren't different "subcategories" of the "goth" sphere. There are those that call themselves "goth", but how are they worse than those who call themselves "true" goths? Why not just be yourself and to hell with the labels?

There is no point saying "Most are teenage losers who need to validate themselves with fashion, but I, of course, am a true GOTH." It makes you sound just as arrogant and presumptuous.

Shop at Hot Topic, Abercrombie and Fitch, Value Village, wherever, just...

Don't bother categorizing everything, most especially fashion statements.
Wannabe: "I dress in black all the time and listen to Cradle Of Filth."

True: "I wear darker colors, most often black and medieval styles, and like to study philosophy and art. Wannabes suck."

Me: "I dress in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, black, white, silver, and all colors and 'styles' in between. Is an emergency vest 'gothic'? My friends are the same ways, so give up the labels.
by Bumpy January 14, 2005
Goths tend to have a dark and perverse sense of humor, a love of history, literature, and music, and far too many bottles of black nail polish. But trying to slot goths into orderly little sections is pretty much impossible. The spectrum of interests, styles, and activities is far too broad. Sometimes the clothes can be a clue, but not always. Just look for that appreciation of darkness--that's the most reliable indicator.

The "classic" goth music scene and the industrial music scene, there are people on both sides who shun the other. Some goths who like the "classic" look of velvet and lace look down upon goths who prefer fishnet and leather. Some goths who like pop-culture entertainments and things that are lighthearted are ostracized by others who believe that nothing is worthwhile unless it is obscure and dark. Like any culture, it has divisions and cliques.

Being goth is, in the end, a form of tribalism, a way for people of like interests and mindset to find each other and have a place to belong. Like most tribes, goths will often try to keep out those who are not "of" the tribe (hence the pretentiousness and disdain for "poseurs"). But it can also be a wonderfully welcoming and comfortable place for those who do fit in, and full of patience and enthusiasm for people who are genuinely interested in finding out what we're about. Goths will try to keep out those who don't belong and those who are interested in exploiting us because we look different and have interests outside the mainstream; but we will also try to protect our own. For someone who doesn't feel that they really "fit in" with mainstream culture, discovering gothdom can be a wonderful feeling.

Of course, this is just the URBAN definition - we needn't forget the extinct Germanic tribe.

However, another note, there is no such thing as "goth" literature, or "goth" architecture, despite what many would lead you to believe. Please refer to gothic
"Goths are not really that terribly different from any other subculture. They just dress more imaginatively"
by Forsaken March 23, 2005
A goth is just a person, usually one who appreciates both the "positive" and "negative", the "yin" and "yang", "good" and "evil" aspects of life. Usually goths believe that there's nothing in this world that can be completely spelled out in black and white. Usually goths tend to wear black clothing, ornate with metal, but also often enjoy interspersing it with bright colours. A lot of goths dye their hair or have piercings, or wear lots of makeup... which is more an artistic outlet than anything. I guess goths just focus on the dark side of things, because to do so is to be on sort of the "other side" of most of society, which they do enjoy, regardless of what they say. Often goths shop at the hot topic, which doesn't automatically define one as a poseur. Nor does it make someone gothic to shop there. Gothic music doesn't make much of a presence in society these days, though darkwave/industrial/synthpop/black,death metal are often mistaken for "gothic" music. Music that is actually gothic? Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, The Cure, etc. These bands are listened to by many people who are not gothic, and no one at the time really labelled it as such. Gothics are just members of an almost completely undefined subculture. Gothics are generally good, benevolent, empathetic, artistic, intelligent, well-read people.
There is the odd asshole, but the same can be said for every group. Gothics almost always can appreciate all kinds of music. Many gothics enjoy listening to Enya. Many gothics enjoy listening to Motorhead. Many gothics enjoy listening to New Order. See the point? There is no real definition, but Gothics is Gothics. We just are what we are, and we only ask for a bit of kindness and understanding, even though we are just a bit strange. =)
Examples of gothics:

Pure goth: Usually found dressing in sort of old-school european style clothing, with lots of black. Often found listening to Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, etc. Often is a strong supporter of animal rights, or a vegan. Usually subscribes to some form of paganism.

Usually wears clothing that depicts a post-apocalyptic Mad Max style motif, often seen with a trenchcoat. Most often have a "harder" personality, but unlike pure "Rivetheads" the classic industrial club-goer, they tend to be a bit less immature and full of rage. Often found listening to music like Nine Inch Nails, Switchblade Symphony, Skinny Puppy.

Perkigoff^_^: This is the kind of gothic who often wears a lot of clothing that is considered gothic, but conveys a lot less serious and sombre attitude. Can be found listening to just about anything, and often this person is more of a "weekend" goth... i.e. they work normal jobs and generally have a lot of friends that are not goths, as well as friends who are. This is I have to say the most common type of goth.

Common Goth: Sort of a cross between all of the above. Most goths dress gothically on a very regular basis, unless at work. Most goths are generally very happy, friendly people. Most goths are also very somber at times.

In other words, that was useless babble! But hopefully it's helpful to you.
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