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A pretty girl, doesn't take crap from anyone, who doesn't give herself enough credit most of the time, as she's pretty damn amazing. Can be found in the breakfast isle next to the Captain Crunch in the grocery store.
Gosselins are my favorite kinda girls.
You better go find yourself a gosselin before they run out.

by randomguy924 August 23, 2008
the collective noun (i.e. pod of dolphins, gaggle of geese) for douches.
As I was walking along the Jersey Shore I saw a Gosselin of douches wearing Ed Hardy.
by ILOVEBREASTS May 30, 2010
The best last name you could ever have.
Shanna Gosselin and Shelby Gosselin are awesome. Did you see their last name? It's the BOMB!
by SHANNA GOSSELIN December 06, 2008