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A small street in South Wales. Start walking down this street and you'll wish you were dead by the end of it. It has a 'market' which basically has a over priced art shop which is constantly empty, and a shop that sells tippex and old books for 10p each. Also has a small cafe where you can get a 'belly belching' breakfast for under 3 quid. Lots of piss ridden charity shops and endless chip shops. Gorseinon people are one of the following:

1) Mutant- Can be found in the charity and fish and chip shops
2) Young orange faced tart- Hangs around the hairdressers
3) Young skinny chav twat- hangs around the kebab shop and bargain booze usually with a bicycle that's too small for him.

The definition of grim is Gorseinon.
'I went to Gorseinon today'

'What did you buy?'

'A cheese pasty'.
by Kelly67876 August 04, 2008