A bastardization of "gorp", like gorp, to gorpo is to mount an individual from behind and push his/her head down repeatedly, while the two individuals enthusiastically twirl their arms in concentric circles. In addition, the "gorpoer" also attempts to grope the "gropoee". Traditionally non-consensual; however, the interpretation and experience depend upon the context.
That rabbit is totally gorpoing that duck, somebody stop it! The rabbit and duck are gorpoing... That's hot.
by Words are fun! October 30, 2007
Top Definition
Definition 1: An unnatural rape involving sea-slug jelly. Definition 2: A mixed race of humans descended from sea slugs and humans through gorpos who gorpo innocents.
HUMAN: Your mom gorpoed my little brother yesterday you sick freak! GORPO: It was for the greater good of humanity
HUMAN: The gorpo-sea-slug race is tyrannical and racist!!
GORPO: You're being racist against the gorpos.
by Cindarus November 02, 2013
A Gasious secretion or fart underwater which makes bubbles rise to the surface of the water
Oh Shit B...Did that man just let loose a gorpo??
by Danny Davis October 08, 2003
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