A individual with an unfounded superiority complex who believes they are Mandela.
Your are such a gorn
by Jony Stone March 01, 2008
Somone who is a complete and utter twat, but still thinks and acts as though he/she is popular
"You're all Gorn and no modesty"
by Liz W February 29, 2008
geo-location porn.

def 1. heatmaps - geeky ways of looking at foursquare checkin data.

def 2. voyeuristic stalking of people around you.

def 3. a new kind of porn based on geolocation.
def 1. i spent all day looking at gorn on wheredoyougo.net

def 2. i was looking at gorn from that party downstairs half the night. i wish they'd invited me.

def 3. the girl next door. who's really next door!
by aboutness August 22, 2010
A synonym for stupid and occasionally nasty.
Dude, you're so gorn!


Girl 1: Are you going out with Kevin
Girl 2: No way, he's so gorn!
by Aireen November 11, 2008
A simpleton,genetic freak or generally damaged individual.
The Gorns from the T.B.I. hospice always scare the kids trying to sell band candy.
by Rod Fury June 10, 2006
A random word that could mean whatever you want it to mean (see Politics) It can be a random outburst or exclamation or a response to a question. Say it. Go on. It will make you sound intelligent.
Joe: How are you doing?
Cooter: GORN!
Joe: Man! You're smart!!
by Darrion November 05, 2004
gay pornography; homopornography; SK's style of movies,
i.e. gay porn = g orn
Academy GORN star SK had been in many GORNs include "SK sucks small dicks" and "My name is SK and I like guys"
Because of the homolistic nature of SK, he decides he'll make everything more realistic when he stars in the GORN "SK sucks small dicks "
by SKIG January 08, 2004

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