really really fat and ugly usually a dike somewhat resembling a gorilla.
"she had a job at the cake shop,they used to push her face in the dough to make gorilla biscuits"
by doreeh baybeh January 30, 2010
Top Definition
A popular hardcore band from New York in the 1980's, famous for their fastpaced fun music and positive straight edge attitude. Released what is often cited as of of, if not the best hardcore release of all time, "Start Today". Members of the band went on to form Quicksand, CIV, Rival Schools, Walking Concert, and also opened Lotus Tattoos in NY.

The term "gorilla biscuts" was 80's street slang, originally referring to meth pills.
Gorilla biscuits to your fucking head
One more time and you'll be dead
Better watch out, better be scared
You're heading for the dragon's lair!

G O R I double-L A!
by xBrendanx November 29, 2004
slang term for quaaludes used back in the late 70s - early 80s.
It's fun to take some gorilla biscuits and go walking downtown; feels like you're walking underwater.
by soporific714 July 08, 2006
Gorilla Biscuits is a slang term for Quaaludes, a sedative drug otherwise known as Methaqualone. It is also the name of straight edge hardcore band Gorilla Biscuits from New York.
Got any Gorilla Biscuits on you?

Did you see the Gorilla Biscuits? They were fangen!
by platinumhands June 13, 2007
Alas, I must disagree with my associates. An earlier archaic and authentic definition of "gorilla biscuits", along with fender benders and ape wafers, referred to any of the brightly colored palette of barbiturates; reds, blues, and yellows,* readily available in the sixties (1967, not some fucking 1987 Grateful Dead concert). It slipped official notice that these drugs caused more mayhem and death than the Vietnam War (except, of course, for the Vietnamese).

Anyhow, I remember being struck at the time by the witty repartee in the example below, overheard in some dingy quasi-hip tenement decades before the band was named and some poseur managed to confuse up and down.

*Optional Text - Weird Ramblings: Now that I think of it, these are the very colors of the Wonder Bread Balloons... Coincidence? That's what they want you to believe! What? Never heard of Wonder Bread? That's because I'm getting so fucking old, and that's why Nembutal is enjoying a new popularity among my peer group, that little ace in the hole you want to keep within easy reach when the time comes for the compassionate healthcare providers to put you on life support and torture your ass for five or ten years until your estate is exhausted. No thanks, sonny; pass the goof-balls and a pint of Ballerina Vodka.
Joe: "Hey, whatchu doin' tonight?"

Moe: "I'm gonna eat gorilla biscuits and drink Old English and go star gazing."

That is to say, he would take a couple of Tuinal and wash it down with malt liquor until he collapsed on some citizen's lawn staring up into the hazy Long Beach sky, hopefully not drowning in his own puke as became customary among some of our idols. Oh well, to each his own.
by Doc Benway '47 April 26, 2011
Someone who has just tripped and fallen over like a felled tree. Must land face down, arms out to the sides. Must stay in gorilla biscuit position for several seconds. Grunt is optional.
Saw a dude do a grunting gorilla biscuit in Walmart today.

Oh man, I did a gorilla biscuit with grunt in the aisle at Walmart today.
by nadya_who December 14, 2009
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