A large, hairy mammal, that it's known for it's call of "Ooh Ooh fucking Ahh."
Jake says: What the fuck's a Gorilla?
Adam says: It's big, hairy and goes "Ooh Ooh fucking Ahh."
by Gorillaman92 September 13, 2008
is a word or term often used by many Hip Hop Artists to hype the crowd with a sense of pride. It is a shout out to unity.
You've heard Rapper after Rapper shout Gorilla , From Red Man, Biggie, Jay-Z and NAS, to underground artists.
by Go-Realla January 30, 2008
GaySlang: large, muscled, hairy guy who has a very small penis.
He is hung like a gorilla.
by Dolph Pun September 11, 2006
Those damn drug dealers!
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
a sexy italian guido. Nuff said.
Man you should have came to the beach today, there were gorillas everywhere!
by schifo January 05, 2011
to flip a female over and "hit it" from behind while groping and slapping the hind quarters
I'm goin' to straight gorilla dat ass baby
by Tom-bo July 15, 2008
It comes out of fucking nowhere
OMG! Gorilla comes out of fucking nowhere!
by Eric Black November 03, 2003

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