Hey barkeep, give me a gorilla & keep em comming !!!!
by springer 94 August 14, 2008
Ray Nagan, esp. after the catastrophic events and following comments made after the Katrina affair.
That gorilla over there is talkin' about makin' a "Chocolate New Orleans!"
by Patrick Robertson June 18, 2006
Angry ass black bitch that beats on white chicks because she thinks they might be taking whats hers...when they got it ages ago!

Often found in the poor areas of own
Gorilla: Hey whore! You stole my boyfriend
White Girl: Poo bitch I don't want your hairy-ass boyfriend
by gorilla hater September 16, 2008
Any man above 6'4 that is somewhat athletic.
Chuck: come on Dwight, get some rebounds!
Dwight: alright Chuck.
Couch potato: That gorilla can fucking jump!
by The_the April 24, 2009
A large, hairy mammal, that it's known for it's call of "Ooh Ooh fucking Ahh."
Jake says: What the fuck's a Gorilla?
Adam says: It's big, hairy and goes "Ooh Ooh fucking Ahh."
by Gorillaman92 September 13, 2008
Throwing beard shavings on a girls face after shooting a load off on her
I gave that girl a gorilla last night
by anon February 21, 2005
a sexy italian guido. Nuff said.
Man you should have came to the beach today, there were gorillas everywhere!
by schifo January 05, 2011

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