Prefix/adjective used to describe something and signify that the said oject or objects is bigger and badder than under normal circumstances
That kid has always had Glocks, but he got himself a gauge and an AK. Now he's holding gorilla guns.
by the $cun>| January 27, 2008
The big goon you take along when you think the other party may want to get rough (or when you are trying to intimidate them). Large, ugly, and not prone to smiling, at least not nicely. Sometimes heard as gorilla up.
I gotta get my security deposit back from that asshole, he was supposed to split it to all the roommates, so I need to take along a gorilla.

If you really need to talk to that one, better gorilla up. Sam'll go along if you ask him.
by old lang guy September 08, 2006
Ilyas from LOK,A big creature, descendant of the great apes. One of the relatives of King Kong. Brother of the Chimpanzees. He is Blick, he leaves fingerprints on charcoal.
Chimpanzee, Fat Shit, Gorilla
by The Great Gorilla May 17, 2013
The slang word for the New York Avenue property in the Parker Brothers board game Monopoly. This property derives its slang moniker from the "Gorilla" property in the Animalopoly version of Monopoly, which is the equivalent of New York Avenue in the standard Parker Brothers edition.

Notorious for its medium cost/high return value, Gorilla is infamous for absolutely decimating the opponents of whoever owns the property. Many people obsess over the Boardwalk/Park Place duo, but the extremely high investment cost in junction with the low probability of landing on those properties indicates that going with the "Gorilla Monopoly" is a smarter economic bet.

For one hundred dollars per house (meaning $500 per hotel, $1500 for the entire monopoly), Gorilla can be outfitted to be a massive money-maker. It also helps that, for a reason yet unknown to theorists of both Monopoly and probability, dice rolls on that particular side of the board seem to always place the roller right in the maws of Gorilla. All in all, the integral property in the game of Monopoly, much like Kamchatka is to Risk.
'I rolled a six and I land on... Gorilla!"

"Damn, I just lost the game."
by The Volk November 04, 2011
Australian term for one thousand dollars, esp. used when betting on thoroughbred horse racing
I can't believe that prick of a horse didn't get up, I had a gorilla on the bastard
by grovestgoon March 29, 2010
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