One of the best songs by Project Pat.
If you thinkin I'm straight, then you better think twice
If you ain't got no cheese then I'm Jeckyl and Hyde
Bout to trick on this bitch cause she need to learn me
Beat her with my pistol when I thought she burned me
- Project Pat, Gorilla Pimp
by JustBlaze216 November 01, 2007
Top Definition
Someone that pimps hoes through brute force. Uses excessive head twisting and arm breaking. As opposed to proper pimping through finess, not force.
That nigga a gorilla pimp, that's why his bitches look rough and beat up.
by Ghost343 February 03, 2010
To aggressively go after someone you scare or intimidate someone itno being with you.
Ole girl turned Alex down at the club so when he saw her in the parking lot afterward he Gorilla Pimped that bitch and took the Pussy.
by Chuck W. January 30, 2005
1) Tom Brady
2) Someone who travels to Miami on 21 October 2007, throws 5 touchdown passes, gets a break from the coach who puts in the back-up until the back-up gives up an interception then he goes back in the game and throws another touchdown pass. This is being done while Bridget Moynahan is back in LA taking care of his kid and then goes home to Gisele, one of the worlds hottest supermodels ever.
3)Provides significant Gorilla Pimpitude to Wes Welker's career.
If you just dropped 6 touchdown passes and 354 yards on the Dolphins in Miami while Bridget Moynahan is taking care of your kid back in LA before you are going home to score touchdowns with Gisele and o-by-the-way you already have 3 Super Bowl rings, then 'Hi,' you are Tom Brady and you, sir, are a Gorilla Pimp.

If I am Bridget Moynahan and you are my baby daddy, then 'Hi,' you are Tom Brady and you, sir, are a Gorilla Pimp.

If I am Gisele and I have your stiff wang in my insanely beautiful and tight ass, then 'Hi,' you are Tom Brady and you, sir, are a Gorilla Pimp.

by waterclown October 21, 2007
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