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In technology - the repetitive stress injury and pain of one's primary arm that occurs with using touch screen devices.

Editor: search "Slashdot Gorilla Arm" for verification.
"The problem is 'the tingling ache that comes from extending my right arm to manipulate that screen for hours, an affliction that has earned the nickname of gorilla arm."
by MAO High Guy January 06, 2013
A person who has large forearms but small shoulders; resembling the arm of a Gorilla.
Dude: Wow Bro, that girls got strange/deceiving arms! So large in the forearm, but so small around the shoulders.

Bro: No Dude, those are gorilla-arms.
by Sexy Pess May 15, 2009
A person that has arms that are covered in thick hair were it is not possible to see the persons arms. It looks like a gorilla's arm.
Bob: Oh dam another gorilla escaped
Bill: no thats just a guy with gorilla arms
Bob: oh
by Matt West June 13, 2008
an RA at Voss with really hairy arms... I mean really hairy... like seriously...
dude, garie loves having sex with guys... and girls that have gorilla arms.
by Jack Black February 15, 2005
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