Chelsey Hanson, meaning beyond beautiful and above perfect. Someone who is gorgeous is the equivilant to an angel
That girl Chelsey Hanson, is Gorgeous
by Greg4564674 December 20, 2005
good looking...Alana Jones
Alana jones is so gorgeous
by Jarrod December 29, 2003
Scott Michael Moser «3
_ <3 xOoO - so so sexy - perfect for me _
by sexXxii4u August 26, 2004
some girl at Georgetown named Stephanie
Stephanie Ramirez
by Joe Schmidt February 22, 2004
A term of endearment among male homosexuals who wish to fulfill the stereotyped "gay lifestyle".
Well, hello there gorgeous! Aren't you looking fantastic today.
by Gumba Gumba August 03, 2004
Glid the Diesel's wife. (in his mind anyway)
I'm gonna be late home by 3 minutes. I better phone gorgeous to let her know otherwise she'll get medieval on my arse!
by Carlos The Diesel July 29, 2004
A description of Drew from
Bill: Drew, I dont know who you think you are but you are just a conceited ass.

Drew: Ya, well atleast I am gorgeous.
by Craig Eigler March 17, 2004

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