Beauty that is ineffable.The adjective that is given to Jessica because a more sufficient one has yet to be invented.
Jessica is so gorgeous. when she walks into the room the very fabric of time leans in closer.
by Yourmanbeast February 02, 2009
a person with a lighter who can get feisty sometimes. and not in a bad way.
by sexy black lacy thing<3 July 14, 2009
someone who looks like julia roberts ,is thin like a model , smart like no one can compare , loving like God , someone who is impossible to find and once you discover her you dont want to let her go , someone who is beyond perfection , whose vibrations are so powerful that it touchs deep down your heart , an angel , whose smiles and laughter makes the sunshine even brighter ,a reason for tomorrow and ever more , my xing
gorgeous xing is my everyday
by ssvt December 21, 2009
composed of a large amount of gorges; full of canyons
You look absolutely gorgeous today. I can really see your canyons!
by SmooshBunny April 20, 2008
To eat at such speed and volume that people stare. (Derived from gorge which means to eat savagely.)
Man to Women eating, "Wow, you are so gorgeous right now."
by Bulugient May 02, 2009
1) A very beuatiful person, usually referring to a female, extremely elegant and breathtaking.

2) An amazing girl named Lindsay.
"Lindsay, you are the most Gorgeous girl i have ever laid my eyes upon."
by Your Pancake July 11, 2006
that hot kid from chelsea
omg its that gorgeous kid chris kenny
by chris kenny May 17, 2004
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