Someone who is beautiful beyond measure. Something to say when you feel that "sexy" and hot" are not tasteful and is rude. What a gentleman would say to a female, or female to male. Someone good on the eyes.
Megan k is very gorgeous.

Beautifulbeautiful gorgeous
#beautiful #goregous #radiant #sunny #good #wonderful
by Thegent May 13, 2013
1. a. Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent.
b. Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance

2. (informal) wonderful, delightful

3. Girls that end up on replay in your dreams

4. The types of females music and art was created for in a feeble attempt to describe their beauty
girls of Brazilian and Italian decent are often "gorgeous"

"Gorgeous" girls have smiles and eyes that should be kept away from the polar ice caps in fear of flooding
#beautiful #pretty #stunning #jaw dropping #boxer dropper #life altering hotness
by zephyr0665 January 17, 2012
Someone that is unbelievably beautiful, in personality and appearance, someone you would spend every waking moment with
Sadie is gorgeous, I love her
#beautiful #dazzling #stunning #perfect #amazing
by BigDaddy07 March 03, 2015
Amber ;)
Now your name is truly next to Gorgeous in the dictionary
#beautiful #gorgeous #pretty #stunning #amazing
by Yeah i'm just that cool 1234 March 02, 2009
Gorgeous is a beautiful girl that I met at my door, she makes me laugh and she knows how to smile. When you're not with her you miss her like the sun misses the moon. Because she is your beautiful princess
Lauren camp, how are you so gorgeous?
#beautiful #lauren camp #pretty #booty #love
by joetizzle100 March 01, 2015
The most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. Always has people there for her and many people around her. Loves to talk and have a great time. Loved by so many.
I love my gorgeous arionna.
#gorgeous #funny #loving #smart #outgoing
by xogigglesxolovemikkii February 03, 2010
Extremely Pretty, not nessesarly "sexy" usually a girl that you don't wanna bang, Most of the time someone you could spend your life with and not have sex with.
A girl with a great sense of humor, a good personallity, who is smart, and you get the butterflies when you are around
"Oh my god! Lindsay Warner is drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!"
#beautiful #extremely pretty #extravagent #funny #stunning #breathtaking
by Walcott11 October 17, 2008
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