A person who you love very much and is exceptionally beautiful

Attracts the eyes of many people outside of their girl/boyfriend

Keeps the attention of many people, who can't get their minds off of said...item
Amber is a beautiful and gorgeous girl, I just can't get my mind off of her.
by Skylark Charley May 01, 2009
A person that defines Beauty!!!
Damm, you're absolutely Gorgeous!
by Yongbuk July 27, 2009
beautiful, fun, exciting, sexy,awesome, extremely attractive, great person to be with
yo did you see olivia?
yeah she was so fucking gorgeous!
by anderbeercan January 02, 2010
A person that is beautiful beyond belief.
See also: Beautiful, Sexy
Jessica is the most gorgeous girl I have ever met.
by Arushkida February 13, 2011
To describe something or someone as beautiful, sexy, amazing. Often taken in the context to describe the way a girl presents herself.

Can be used to describe a persons personality or natural beauty.

Very similar to stunning, as in a stunning beauty
1.) Siane you look gorgeous;
2.) That view is gorgeous;
3.) She has a gorgeous personality
by Siane TheWorstBestFriendEver February 20, 2010
1) magnificent
2) breathtaking
3) absolutely indescribable through only words
4) involving a large emotional component and attraction variable
"Look at that nurse dressed as a pirate. She is gorgeous. I just have to go talk to her."
by HandsomePirateBenji February 12, 2010
The most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. Always has people there for her and many people around her. Loves to talk and have a great time. Loved by so many.
I love my gorgeous arionna.
by xogigglesxolovemikkii February 03, 2010

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