Absolutely heartbreakingly good looking. This person will make you stop in your tracks and go WOW!
Jason Smith is gorgeous
by LOLP90 July 01, 2009
something or someone that makes you stare becuz of the beauty. Someone or something that make you speechless. Someone or Something that makes your heart beat faster everytime you see them.
Ashley R. is Gorgeous.
by YOUNG SUPA January 28, 2009
1] a very attractive person

2] a word to make someone feel better
1] "you look gorgeous, honey"

2] "am i pretty?" "uhhh... gorgeous! (yeah right)
by lovemelotssxox August 29, 2005
being ridiculously pretty :)
woah kelsieeee, you are so freakin' gorgeous! can i have yo numbaaa??
by ithinkthisiscool June 23, 2009
1] a very attractive person

2] A stunningly beautiful girl/guy

Example 1 - I am so ugly it is not even funny....no Tina, you are absolutely gorgeous!

Example 2 - I wish my body looked better......Tina you are the most gorgeous thing i have ever layed eyes on.
by Gregory S. Kemp October 09, 2007
someone or something extremely beautiful
Bridget Bugbee is gorgeous
by ganstaluv January 27, 2010
A term of endearment for your loved one usually from a man to a woman.
Hey gorgeous how's it going?


Ok gorgeous I'm about to go to the gym I'll talk to you later.
by Jaay Jaay June 18, 2008

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