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Horribly underrated Bulgarian RAC band from Sliven. Formed in 1988 by Cvetan Conev, Zlatin Nedel4ev joined in 1992. Sadly, they broke up in 2009.


Gradski legendi (Urban Legends) - 1996
Suprotiva (Resistance) - 2002
Pravo na izbor (Right to Choose) - 2003
Nqma da si traq (I Won't Shut Up) - 2003
Nova vqra (New Faith) - 2004

Recommended songs:

6 ot 49 (6 out of 49)
Nqma da si traq (I won't shut up)
Voinite na Tangra (Warriors of Tangra)
Az sum Bulgar4e (I'm Bulgarian)
Nova vqra (New faith)
Imane (Hoard)
Sudba (Destiny)
Kum svobodata (To freedom)

In Bulgarian, their name is spelled as Гордост (looks like ropgocm but pronounced GORE-dost).
Chalga listening Fuckhead: What bands do you like?

Me: Gordost, Brannik, Sram i Pozor, Druzinata V.E.P., Badmingtons, Partibrejkers, Kerber, Tootleg Boy, Southern Storm, Skrewdriver, TISM, Crass, Seether, Upsurt, the Beatles, the Bleed Whites, the Residents, Phish....


Me: What? Gordost aren't Nazi!

Chalga listening Fuckhead: NAZI!!!!!!!!


Zlatin Nedel4ev:

Bulgaria imam velika sudba
Bulgaria imam veliki 4eda
Bulgaria imam velika sudba
Bulgaria imam veliki 4eda

Me: Better than this Chalga shit...


Chalga listening Fuckhead: (masturbating to Gergana (female chalga singer)'s image) Gergana... oh Gergana....
by FokkerTISM November 23, 2011
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