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The delicious Brewery Restaurant started in Palo Alto, CA. Known for its bomb ass garlic fries and authentic German style lagers. A recent survey conducted on Gordon Biersch hostesses and waitresses, conducted by the playa's association of america (PAA), found that 90% of the titties found working there scored an 8 or higher (rankings on a 1 to 10 scale). If you want some bomb ass beer and some dank food then go to Gordon Biersch. Garlic fries are also found at concession stands in many major Stadiums and airports in the western region of the US. (disclaimer: garlic fries are potent, deliciousness comes at the cost of good breath for a minimum of 3 hours)
Let's go get hammered at Gordon Biersch.

Fuckin took a girl to Gordon Biersch and then she sucked my dick.

Gordon Biersch is Jesus.
by BeastinOnTheReg May 28, 2009
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