meansing greatest person alive.
always funny, doing amazing things, and just damn awesome!

Jake: she is so gordo!
Tim: yes, i want to be her friend
by bubbablue May 04, 2009
The first person totally sloshed/drunk/wasted/crunk at a party, usually often before most people have even begun getting wasted. The "gordo" is generally the life of the party.
Hey guys, Jake is the new gordo!
Jake: Im not gordo!
everyone: hey gordo!!!
Jake: whos gordo!!!
everyone: YOU!!
by switchblade1992 July 10, 2009
A person, usually a male who showers himself in an ecstacy of technology. The person needs the latest technology and would sacrifice a first-born child to obtain first generations of any new devices. Money, relationships and basic human needs do not come between Gordo and technology.
"Hank is being such a Gordo going to Wal-Mart to wait in line in the rain overnight for that new gaming system."

"I told my girlfriend we wouldn't be able to afford cabo because I was buying us both new phones. Her response? 'I can't believe I'm dating a Gordo.'"
by focuspoint March 15, 2007
Guys who love asian women
He pulled a Gordo, and brought the far east movement home.
by GTtttt December 09, 2010
Gordo is a person who loves to watch Sports Center and chug beers. He will fight anyone who is a republican and anyone who says he won't chug that beer. If he gets pissed enough he'll just go up stairs.
"Gordo, did you just try to throw a turkey in my loft?"-Me
"Fuck this, I'm going upstairs."-Gordo
by Paul Ziegler February 27, 2008
One of the coolest motherfuckers on the planet. A Gordo is very hot, and extremely funny man with enough power to rule the world. Kind, entertaining and empathetic, having a Gordo around is what the body needs.
Damn, look at that guy, he is obviously a Gordo. I wish I had a Gordo in my life
by Gordosha November 08, 2007
1. An annoying character from that TV show Lizzie McGuire aka David Gordon.

2. A nickname for people who have Gordon as their first or last name.
Gordo has a bad haircut.
by Kevin July 25, 2004

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